I’m Gone

5 Responses to “I’m Gone”

  1. J Says:

    Well done on completing a year of drawings. I’ve enjoyed looking at them, even if sometimes I’ve had to walk away from the computer to stop myself crying. But I have laughed out loud for a lot of them. I’m looking forward to your next project whatever it might be. x x x

  2. guy Says:

    The most consistently good thing in my life during 2010.

  3. Daniel Werner Says:

    i just came about this through miss casper’s hint. i adore what i see and what i read. thank you.

  4. Greta Says:

    I came across this blog following one of those inexplicable obscure roads that can only exist in the vast land of the www. I read it all, and I mean it all, in one day. Thanks to you, whoever you are, I have lost one day of work and gained one year of experience. Also, I just picked up the pencil and started drawing. You’re an amazing human being and I hope to randomly meet you in the real world one day. Bye. Bye. Bye…

  5. REM Says:

    More please! You are a bookmark on my laptop! We used to work together and I think you are AWESOME!!!!!

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